A Step-by-step Guide for Shed Building

Garden shed

Having a beautiful yet long-lasting shed foundation is a pleasant experience to get. Researching from the sample of all over the world we pick the best shed designs and provide it to our clients based on their recommendations. Irrespective of the level you prefer, our pupose remains always to give you the best service. Here in this blog, we will be discussing some of the important steps that we carry to give you a unique shed foundation.

Steps to Offer Customized Shed Foundations

Being known the desire of Canadian people and the trends flow in Ottawa, we made all the possible ways to give people with the service they really want.

Preparation Steps:

Step 1: Selection of Spot

In this initial step, we move to our customers, have some discussion on their preferences and then finally decide on the spot suitable to build the shed. We also consider certain feet of clearance from fences or other structures around the perimeter.

Step 2: Technical Suitability of the Spot

Then the next phase comes where we ensure whether the area is having mason’s strings or batter boards or not. Depending on the type of shed, we also consider the distance between batter boards and overhang as well.

Step 3: String Adjustment

After the testing gets completed, then we move to adjust the strings. We measure 3 feet on one string and 4 feet on the adjacent string in order to square the area. The string should be adjusted properly with the batter boards so that marking can be proper. We also carefully check the corners as well for this purpose.

Foundation Building Steps:

Once the preparation gets completed, there starts the building process. Here are our steps for building the shed foundation:

Step 1: Measuring the Post Holes

Our shed building process starts with the measurement of post holes. It should be 4 feet apart from the ground. Thereafter we consider the set up of the mason’s string and batter boards to mark those points of post holes. The point where these two intersects with each other is marked as post corner location.

Step 2: Digging the Post Holes

While starting the digging process, we ensure it should be 12 inches deep from the frost line. Then we pour it about 4-6 inches, make it compact and start adding concrete. While using mason’s string, the marks should be used to return the post hole back to the exact location as decided previously.

Step 3: Adding Concretes

Once the digging process is over, we set the post carefully on the footer top. By using the intersection point of the mason’s string we set the post square and thereby ensure the post, whether it’s plumbed or not. Then we add concrete by the sides of the post and cover the soil. We also brace the concrete to set in its position.

Step 4: Determine the Height

When the task of post set up gets over, we then determine the height of the shed the owner exactly wants. We then put a mark on one particular post. It helps us to cut the post with a saw.

Step 5: Attachments

In this stage, we start attaching the post base brackets to give the foundation of the shed.

Step 6: Floor Frame Building

With the help of wood, we then move to build the floor frames. Based on the direction of the shed, we treat the floor frames and nails.

Step 7: Setting up the Frame

To set the frames, we leave overhang at the end of each frame and then attach them together with the help of screws.

Shed Building

After the completion of all these tasks of foundation, we then start building the shed. This may take 1 day to 5 days, based on the height or type of shed as preferred by the owner.


Being a professional company for custom sheds in Ottawa, we always try to deliver our clients with the service they want in the best possible ways. For all the efforts and personalized works, we have been the most reliable company for shed making in the Canadian market. So, have a new age shed to make your dream a real one.

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